Demystifying the Licence Laws with Electric Motorbikes

What electric motorcycle can I ride? 

Licence laws don’t have to be lengthy! We’re here to demystify what electric motorcycle you can ride with your licence.

It’s all about speed and power. If you’ve passed a full unrestricted motorcycle test you can ride any electric motorcycle.

Electric motorcycles and mopeds which can reach speeds of 28mph maximum, sit in the class of AM. The AM licence means you need to be 16 or above, passed a CBT and ride with L plates. These electric motorcycles are the equivalent of a 50cc. If you took your car test before 2001 you can ride this grade of Electric Motorcycle.

Electric motorcycles which exceed 28mph sit in the class of A1. The A1 licence means you’ve passed a CBT and are over the age of 17 or you passed a the test for restricted motorcycles. 

Which models can you ride?

EK1 & EV200R – Full motorcycle
ES1 Pro, CR6 and EK3 – AM, A1 or if you took your car test before 2001.  

So there you have it!
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