Get Buzzing with Winter Riding

We know a lot of our Electric riders use their EV bikes every day to commute and now is the time to check in on your ride to make sure it’s in peak condition. Extremes of weather, especially in the winter time can affect any vehicle – so here are our top tips to look after your EV.

Check in on your tyres: After a summer of riding you may have used up the better part of your grip and the legal limit too. In wet weather, the tread is designed to wick the water away and give the best grip – we advise your EV have at least 2mm for winter riding (the legal limit is 1.6mm). Tyre pressure is also key! Air is susceptible to temperature to your tyre pressure may fluctuate with the temperature so check your pressure regularly.

Storage: Your EV may prefer somewhere a little more snug – we advise investing in a heavy duty cover for you EV. This helps keep lower temperatures away from key areas of your EV and if your storing your EV outside, it can also deter theft. Charge your EV overnight to keep the battery in peak condition. 

Cleaning: The winter roads often carry a lot of environmental debris which isn’t so great for your ride. Salt is used UK wide, add salt to wet weather riding and it will eat into metal surfaces of your EV. Make sure you periodically wash and clean your EV, you may even want to stop by and see us at West Coast for winter protectant which can be applied across the bike.

For EV owners who aren’t so keen on winter riding we recommend all of the above checking frequently on your battery – but be sure to consult your EV handbook for more details.