Beat Commuting Costs with an EV

Whether you’re exploring the city or you’re in need of a commute option which doesn’t leave to tied to a time table – we think EV’s are a great option. They’re a great alternative to fossil fuel transport and, with the rise in the cost of living, an EV could be a great way to cheat the rise!

Making the change from established fuel powered transport can be overwhelming but at West Coast EV we’ve identified key areas where you’ll be sure to save.

While the purchase price may be comparable, from the moment you turn a wheel you’ll be saving mile by mile. We calculated that electric can give you savings of over 70% compared with fuel, but that’s not all! Regular servicing of combustion motorcycles can cost around £150 every 3000 miles, giving you additional savings here too. 

So what if you’ve never had a combustion scooter or bike? How do the costs stack up if you’re a commuter? – we looked at a 5 day week travelling 10 miles and compared the price with a flexi-rail card. The week cost £26 for 10 trips, where as an EV worked out at just £1.88 per week in electric. Add to that the flexibility of travelling, no cancellations or strikes and your final destination in your own hands. Yes, there are other costs to consider such as insurance but the average commuter is still deep into saving by switching to an EV. 

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