EK1 - The Little Brother of the EK3

The HORWIN EK1 was developed for everyday use. It impresses with its modern design, striking vehicle body lines, coating technology from the automotive industry and brilliant colours. With this contemporary design, HORWIN wants to meet the demands of easy travel consumers.

The moped EK1 is available with the upbeat colours orange and medium blue as well as black matt and white. Highlights of the EK1 equipment: all around LED lights, automatic light switch-off delay, cruise control, reverse gear, helmet storage compartment under the seat and ergonomic design. 

There are also optional extras like a smartphone holder, top-case with luggage rack or windshield. This makes the EK1 the perfect everyday companion when travelling.

The EK1 is offered with two strong batteries. In the Standard Range (26 Ah) the EK1 reaches up to 45 miles, and in the Extended Range (40 Ah) the EK1 can reach up to 75 miles.

E-MOBILITY is a win-win for everyone

The HORWIN Ek1 is the most sustainable way to go from a to b

Move noiselessly though the city streets, avoid the smell of pollutants and enjoy a eco-friendly and fun ride, day in and day out.  With a range of colours, the Horwin EK1 can match your personal style, and become the perfect companion to make your weeks far from boring!


High Voltage Intelligent Lithium Battery

HORWIN EK1 is equipped with a 72V high voltage intelligent lithium battery. With 26Ah volume, the max range reaches 45 miles (Standard Range). With 40Ah volume, the max range reaches 75 miles (Extended Range).

It‘s also optional with two removable batteries available. The SOC monitoring system and modern battery management system BMS can effectively reduce failures and provide multiple protection.


A Complete Overview Thanks to a Modern Cockpit

The LCD display shows all kind of driving information, driving data is available at anytime. The display-colours are green, blue or yellow and depend on the speed you are driving. This is the perfect combination of fashion and technology.  

Intelligent Three Lenses
LED Headlight

The headlamps are fitted with three LED lamps. Their bright and white light allows them to literally cut through the darkness. An automatic switch-off delay function when the lights are turned off illuminates the way to the garage or front door before you dismount.


High Power Hub Motor

The HORWIN EK1 is equipped with a high performance hub motor of 2800W max. power. The motor has high energy exchange efficiency with low power consumption and boosts instantaneously super driving force.