The brand new Horwin CR6 has arrived at West Coast Moto, delivering the future of e-mobility thanks to impressive range, agility, convenience and a whole lot of fun.

It's the perfect vehicle for your commuting needs! Arriving in a nimble form factor that makes carving through the towns, cities and country roads a doddle. Just flip the switch and get riding.Capable of hitting 60mph and reaching approximately 75 miles of range on a single charge, this electric motorcycle will revolutionise the way you travel and commute, bringing you riding confidence through every twist and corner.

LED headlights and taillight, a classic speedo with modern digital instrumentation and a battery that excels at delivering performance and range. 0-60 takes only 6 seconds, and in approximately 3 hours, you can charge your Horwin from 0–80% or, thanks to the revolutionary charging technology, you can have enough charge in 20 minutes to cover a distance of 12-18 miles.


Choose your style of the HORWIN CR6

No straight lines or old-fashioned scooter-design. The HORWIN CR6 definitely isn’t boring. To find your personal style, you can choose between four different, great looking colours. Do you like what you see? Good! You won’t find a motorcycle like this again.


Perfect sight thanks to LED technology

Low beam as well as high beam with groundbreaking LED technology will guide you the way through darkness. The lamps’ light shines brighter than ever before in a perfectly clean white LED colour. Up to 28.000 Candela of light are projected by 6 LED modules through glass lenses onto the road ahead of you to ensure maximum sight under dark conditions. The result speaks for itself: 5 times better light efficiency and increased visibility compared to conventional halogen lamps known from traditional mopeds.

By the way: Thanks to LED technology the energy use is minimal, which will provide you with more range and power for your trip.


with a classic cockpit

Overview is everything. The big display of the HORWIN CR6 shows you all information which you need during your journey: topical speed, remaining reach, driving mode, temperature and a lot more. In the classical Retro design combined with the most modern technology. The background lighting shows you all infos of course also with darkness.


the Field Oriented Control (FOC)

To find the perfect balance between range and performance, the HORWIN CR6 constantly checks your driving style and driving behavior. It’s also called the “brain” of electric vehicles, the Field Oriented Control (FOC) will monitor your requested horsepower from accelerator, transform it into smarter information and relay it – like magic – to the wheel of your vehicle. The result is simply phenomenal – the ultimate driving experience that unfortunately can not be described in words.


endless power means endless fun

Leave conventional petrol motorcycles behind. The HORWIN CR6 sets new standards in electric mobility with its performance-oriented combination of a brand new Field Oriented Control (FOC) and a powerful electric motor. Anyone who says „E-Mobility is no fun“; has definitely never sat on the HORWIN CR6.

6.2 kW maximum power and a top speed of 95 km/h guarantee full driving pleasure.