Benefits of choosing electric

The savings

Whether it's exploring the city and/or commuting to and from work Electric Bikes are a great substitute to fossil fuel dependent alternatives. Costing minimal amounts to run in comparison to petrol or diesel, they are becoming ever more popular thanks to their cheap running costs, environmental credentials and overall fun. The cost to maintain them is minimal too.

Making the jump from established fuels to Electric can be overwhelming. With a multitude of information and advice out there it can be hard to come to a conclusion. To help you we've created this page in order to make sense of all the jargon and to assist you in making your decision.

There are two key things to consider how much money you could save by making the commitment. The cost of your electric is an important one and if you can acquire access economy7 or something complementary then you could save even more than a fixed tariff.

The second thing to bear in mind is how much you travel. The more miles you cover, the more you will save. You have to remember that electric vehicles have a limited range, and this calculator is based on home charging only. Public charging prices can vary.


The thought of charging can be intimidating but it really needn't be. All-electric Scooters and Mopeds that we offer can be charged using a standard 3-pin socket  which usually takes between five and six hours to fully charge from empty. This can be done overnight so, no waiting around. It can become a part of your evening routine, just like charging your phone!

Just remember it is a good idea to keep your bike charged, avoid letting it run too low – especially during the winter! Keeping charged between 80% - 100% will mean you’re maintaining your battery at an optimal level and making sure that you will always have miles of painless travel. 


So you currently use public transport, what are the savings? Well we looked at 5 day week travelling just over 10 miles from Paisley to Glasgow city centre. The average flexi rail card costs around £26.00 for 10 trips. Electric costs for a 5 day, 10 mile journey at £0.15KW works out at just £1.88 per week! With flexibility of travel time, no cancellations or strikes your destination is in your own hands. There are other costs to consider such as tyres, insurance and servicing - but you're still into the savings switching to Electric. 

Cheap running costs

Regardless of whether for business or personal use, owning an electric vehicle just makes sense! The  benefits of owning an Electric Motorcycle range from improved air quality to reduced running costs. The maintaining and operating of an electric vehicle add up over the lifetime costs of the vehicle. The image of your business will also benefit from you being part of the Electric transformation!

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