Urban commuting just got electric!

Artisan Electric Scooters have arrived in Glasgow Scotland

The UK designed Artisan EV2000R retains a timeless classic scooter design whilst radically updating it to EU type approved electric vehicle status. More than that, the design team and engineers who are all long time riders, have built in features and finishing touches which make Artisan a unique, modern and fun every day ride.

No ordinary scooter

Our engineers and designers retained the timeless classic scooter design whilst taking everything back to a shell. They specified parts and components especially for the UK and European markets. All Artisan electric scooters are EU type approved with EU Certificates of conformity. More than that we, (as long time riders, designers and engineers) have built in features and finishing touches that make the Artisan a unique, modern, fun ride.

The New Retro

The rechargeable Artisan EV2000R merges timeless design with modern technology to create a new kind of classic electric moped.

Climb Aboard

The EV2000R’s mighty 2000W motor gives you enough power to ride with a passenger and luggage in tow, while the electronically managed torque allows easy starts and pacey acceleration.

Full Control

The EV2000R’s low profile tyres and powerful disc brakes give you unparalleled control and stopping power in any conditions. Modern hydraulic callipers, coupled with robust ventilation brake discs ensure consistent, reliable performance. Carefully selected materials help the scooter maintain the lowest weight possible and the low profile tyres makes handling a dream.

Stock Up

The EV2000R’s secure storage space and luggage rack makes every-day errands a walk in the park. It’s also fitted with a bespoke alarm system and an optional front luggage rack. Convenience personified.